Benefits - Why silk? 

Cost Effective - no need to replace fresh arrangements every few weeks.

Permanently Beautiful - with silks, you don't have to worry about flowers wilting or dying. Memento's of special celebrations such as weddings will endure for many years. 

Allergies - silk flowers offer a beautiful and hypoallergenic solution.

Maintenance - silk flowers are virtually maintenance free! They don't need to be watered, they don't lose their petals or blossoms, and best of all, there are no water spills.

Weather - silk floral arrangements can be placed anywhere without worrying about temperature and they don't need sunshine to thrive. 

Variety - unlike some cut flowers that are seasonal, silk flowers are available in many varieties throughout the year.

Sustainable Design 

Over 80% of cut flowers are imported from South America, leaving a huge carbon footprint from the aircraft emissions created by shipping the flowers thousands of miles. In addition, because of lax environmental regulations in countries where flowers are grown, pesticides that are illegal in the US are often used. These pesticides contribute to the deterioration of the environment and cause health problems with anyone exposed to them.

The process is repeated each time a new fresh floral bouquet is purchased. Silk flowers, even though the process of their creation largely uses oil, have approximately 5% of the environmental impact of imported cut flowers. In addition, silk botanicals retain their beauty for many years, as opposed to (at best) the 2 week life of cut flowers. Cut flowers need constant replacement- impacting the environment over and over again.